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Machete Make Over - cOOter - 06-16-2017

Almost that time of the decade to pull the aerial mast down and fix aerials, but the tree it's strapped ta has branches that need cleaning off.

My trusty old machete that I us to do that with has been out of action for three years or so after the plastic handle and part of the rear tang snapped off.

[Image: machete_maker_01.jpg]
Poor old thing - it's been out in the weather long enough.

[Image: machete_maker_02.jpg]
Wire wheel the rust off.

Top edge used to take beatings with a hammer to help split logs
for the radio shed fire pit. Fire wood chopper Noddy knows
this old machete well.

I was thinking of making a proper handle using corby bolts
and hard wood, but we don't have any hard wood around here.

So, next best thing - cord wrap - trouble is I've never wrapped before
so I went and did a google for "full tang cord wrap"..

[Image: machete_maker_05.jpg]
I forgot to take some extra shots before I finished the wrap.

Basically all that was done before the wrap was...

1. rust removal with a wire wheel
2. ground out the worst dings and changed the overall profile a bit.
3. drilled a hole in the rear for the cord

[Image: machete_maker_03.jpg]
The wrap technique was easy as pie. Having a hole at the end is a big plus
as it helps stop the wrap sliding down while in use.

The original handle hole that broke, is now a bottle opener.

[Image: machete_maker_04.jpg]
Easy to remove the wrap. Just undo two knots.

[Image: machete_maker_06.jpg]
That used patina look with bacon fat rubbed in.

Sure, there's nothing new about cord wrapping or machetes.
This project was about making something useless, useful again.

Poor old tree is going to cop it tomorrow.


Re: Machete Make Over - number7 - 06-16-2017

nice  Tool

I can think of better reasons to cover it in bacon fat.....    Aus_flag

You can borrow my chainsaw if you wanna get real nasty with the tree.....    Confusedeven:

Re: Machete Make Over - cOOter - 06-16-2017

Cheers, but we have three chainsaws here.  Icon_thumright
Branches are only an inch at the worst.

Useful technique using cord wrap as a quick handle.
I wanna wrap some other stuff now.

I have some old one piece lawn mower blades
that I might beat into shape, sharpen and wrap.
I love this TV show "Forged In Fire" (shit youtube copy)

I got the forge bug  Happy11

An old hair dryer, a bag of coal and something ta burn
it all in isn't hard. Gotta find a nice anvil yet though.


Re: Machete Make Over - cOOter - 06-20-2017

Strope your machete's wire edge? Can't understand his Ozzie speak, although he has a bush so I'll have a listen  :russell: