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Forum Chat - Davos - 10-16-2012

OI WTF is going on  ????????   Its been a while.

Re: Im back unfortunately - admin - 10-16-2012

Pottytrain2 We missed you 2  Icon_king Davos.


Re: Im back unfortunately - Davos - 10-16-2012

Whats happening ?  Why 13 guests and 2 members ????????      Yeah its been a long time,  whats the go with the radio these days ?  Im thinking of putting a setup back up and getting on but ill probablly just get abused or whatever,    need to get some gear again cause i sold all my good stuff.    I was on earlier on 0.5w trying to talk to a mate but he wasn't making it..  Handhelds suck!      Davodick

Re: Im back unfortunately - King_DaVo - 10-16-2012

So whats happening on the air ?    On the half watter its pretty silent but i may not be receiving everything ??     Is everyone friends or is nobody on anymore..   ??    Maybe i can talk to myself on there, that would be fun!     I need some gear,    Anyone got any antennas for me or what  ???????????  

Ky   DID 668 shut his website down or something..     ?

Its a Ghost town here,  am i the only one on here ???    Apart from the Monkey.         Sad5

Re: Im back unfortunately - cOOter - 10-16-2012

LOL, look who the monkey let in.  Tongue3 Welcome back King DaVo  Wave

There's a few around King DaVo. I haven't been able to scare them all off yet.  Toothy3

That Chooper Reid has kryptonite protection or something I cant beat.  Icon_cyclops_ani


I presume you're here with good intentions. The moneky is concerned you might be a devil Dimmock inside man?

Cool either way - we need a giggle.  Hello

Re: Im back unfortunately - King_DaVo - 10-16-2012

Aww yeah,  need more ppl!   So many ppl id like to say Hi too..

Na man,  No games here from me,   Im not here to make trouble..   Im here to say Hi to you and see what is going on.    Id like to get back on air but i need to get some gear,  you got any ?   lol      Im no inside man,  i havn't spoken to anyone in forever really.   I was at Robina Town center recently buying another laptop and did see Dimmo at dickies but nothing came of that, i only saw him there.   Like i said,  im not here for taking sides and fighting or helping anyone feel like they have numbers for use in conflict,  if that happens and i get caught in it again,  im Leaving!    Not interested in that crap.   I respect ppl don't like each other any longer after passed dealings but we are adults are we not ?   Im no saint but i would really like to use the radio for what its for even just for a little bit..   Im only here for a chat and some harmless fun,  im not against stuffing around or being naughty on CB, i was one of the biggest cheeky buggers on CB,  but  i will not fight, abuse or get personal period!   If that shit starts i won't be around for it..  And this isn't directed at you Cooter, this is in general for everyone!   Thumbsup

I need an antenna.    LOL

Re: Im back unfortunately - cOOter - 10-16-2012

Jiggy jiggy.

Gear? You can have Chucky's old moxon aerial  Icon_albino

I gave everything illegal back to 'god', (ACMA are around lately) and the other radios to Dom. (we swapped for whipper snippers)

Still got the beams, but through an old half busted 5 watt radio.


Half-a-watt is all you need King DaVo

Re: Im back unfortunately - King_DaVo - 10-16-2012

Hahahaha  fair enough..  Yeah i think im in a fairly good spot (arundal)  So think ill just whack up a little 6dB Vertical base antenna and grab another Kenwood maybe for now.    These are the old handhelds i found 5 years ago  LOL    useless, battery lasts for 10 mins  and they sound like crap.  LOL

Re: Im back unfortunately - King_DaVo - 10-16-2012

Who is that wolly Screaming and singing  ?    Man thats worse than i was..   Horrible,  almost blew the handheld speaker!      Sad2

Whats with CB now?  80 channel and narrow band or wide band ?    Have to program it all again from scratch..  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Re: Im back unfortunately - cOOter - 10-16-2012

Some truckie from Gympie moving sugar to NSW.

I'd rather listen to him than Gary Grevis in a velvet glove, AKA Rat Trap.

Err, still wide band on ABC03.