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PROJECT: Battery Vampire - cOOter - 09-03-2014

[Image: usb_power_project_01.jpg]
I've been going through heaps of 9v batteries in my guitar effects pedals.
Bloody things still have 7volts or more in them as they hit the bottom of the bin.
So I thought, why not drain them some how.

[Image: usb_power_project_02.jpg]
I had two el'cheapo voltage regulators laying around I bought online for a few bucks.
So to take my mind off the looming world war three, I slapped a kit together...

[Image: usb_power_project_03.jpg]
Screw spending more money - old lolly tin too the rescue.

[Image: usb_power_project_04.jpg]
Some old cords as well..

[Image: usb_power_project_05.jpg]
Took four hours to plan this out.

[Image: usb_power_project_06.jpg]
While I was asleep planning, some of DaVo's fairy mates done the job for me.

[Image: usb_power_project_07.jpg]
I got lumped with the can cutting job.

[Image: usb_power_project_09.jpg]
Make a small hole in the lid for the adjusting screw -- Nanna will never notice.

[Image: usb_power_project_08.jpg]
Hot glue that bugger onto the lid..

[Image: usb_power_project_10.jpg]
Tuned the output to 5 volts...input was around 16 volts.

Device specs: Input: 3~40V; Output: 1.25~35V (adjustable); Current: Max. 3A

[Image: usb_power_project_11.jpg]
Now to see if it works. Me fancy multi-use battery charger with 12v and 5v USB input booted up OK and sucked those old 9 volts dry.

Who needs Dick Smith crap anyway  Smoking

Re: PROJECT: Battery Vampire - Thunderbird - 09-04-2014

Beautiful!  Smoking

I might have to get a couple of those little regulator doodads myself, pretty neat.

Why don't you use a 9 volt plug pack for your effects pedals?

Or alternately assuming there is room or you don't mind and external solution, there is a kit at Jaycar that can use a couple of AA, C or D cells (I'd use rechargeable ones) and steps up to 9 volts

Just a thought.

Had a brain fart.

Theres always these as well

Grandpa Wood_chop

Re: PROJECT: Battery Vampire - cOOter - 09-04-2014

Crickey, I almost had a heart attack when I seen the price of that Jaycar 9v converter do-hickey.
Nanna didn't give me that much spending money.  Granny

The handiness of my rig, is it can take any input up to 40v and output up to 35v
Jaycar kit is a limited 3v input, and only offers 9v output.

Nanna gave me another lolly tin. I'll make another kit with a daisy chain on the output side for the
effects pedals and use some old random wallwart I find my my trash bucket for the input.

That DC-DC boost power module would be handy as well.  Book1
I forget the name of the homemade ones folks make on YouTube.
For the sake of 3 or 4 dollars, I think I'd rather just buy one  Thumbsup

I have similar in the car. 13.7v in, and 16v to 21v out power for laptops.
That was very expensive through -- I needed a $10 loan from Nanna to get that one.

Speaking off Nanna's, where's my's about that time of the day.