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Full Version: Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine!
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Hahahaha   Bloody hell, look at all those circuits, boards and wiring..    Hello2    That little Pi sucker sounds pretty cool,  im gonna look at one in more detail.      Debilos-1
(06-25-2013, 12:22 PM)King DaVo link Wrote:Hahahaha   Bloody hell, look at all those circuits, boards and wiring..    Hello2    That little Pi sucker sounds pretty cool,  im gonna look at one in more detail.      Debilos-1

The computer itself isn't all those wires and such.

It's that one clear case box.

They run on 5v. (low power bill  Icon_sunny )

The B model (latest) is 700mhz cpu and 512 ram with HDMI, 2 usb, lan, etc.
I'm gonna mount a fold out 12v screen in the ute and get a pi for the car.

Computer  Lovelinux


Yeah i know, i  was just emphasizing how complex an old arcade machine inner workings look.    lol    Debilos-1       But yeah,  damn!   I didn't know its just a board,  i thought the Pi was actually a complete mini pc unit itself with casing and screen and peripherals etc..     Icon_scratch  I guess for that price your not gonna get much really.  lol
Yeah that demo has lots of wires and crap, but using a modern recycled LCD panel clears up a lot of that wiring, and he's using an arcade breakout board there as well, not really necessary, just makes it easier to get it going.

I notice he has an arcade style PSU in there as well, again not really necessary but I guess like the old CRT monitor it was still from the original arcade machines guts.

Im going to get me a raspberry Pi and MAME it soon me thinks... Icon_cheers

Smoking Rocking2
Icon_king recently left a 32cm monitor / TV here.

What ta do with it? Portable computer time  Smoking

[Image: vesa_pi_01.jpg]

[Image: vesa_pi_02.jpg]

[Image: vesa_pi_03.jpg]

[Image: vesa_pi_05.jpg]

[Image: vesa_pi_04.jpg]

[Image: vesa_pi_06.jpg]
Beautiful, and brown chicken approved as well.

Ive been slack, my Pi is sitting here staring at me.

Although I did find a 12 volt powered 14 inch Conia TV in the shed to use with it, fixed her up and now just have to create a masterpiece.

Mmm Pi.

Thumbsup Grandpa Wood_chop Lovelinux
Yes having a  Chicken around to supervise is crucial on such projects.

The Pi runs OK with the mouse and keyboard using the TV's USB port, but anything else and I have to power the hub separately.

Screen has HDMI, but those leads are rather thick and hard to bend so I went with the s-video option.

This screen is 12v as well, which reminds me. I need to make a 12v cig socket lead for it later when I roll outer bed.

I saw cheap 90 degree HDMI doodads in Target or K-Mart, cant remember which one sorry.

Might see if I can pick up a couple today.

Ill have to wait until our visiting white and brown chickens arrive to hook up my Pi though, unless supervising budgies are ok.  Confused2

Grandpa Wood_chop


Hahahaha    Not bad actually,  dat is pretty cool.  needs more powa!  Hook up another couple of Pi,s together    Debilos-1    Icon_thumleft
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