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Full Version: Andrews X-477 UHF CB base station vertical 12.7dB FOR SALE
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Brand new Andrews X-477 base station vertical antenna FOR SALE.  12.7dB and 5.2m Long but is practical 3 section design.   FOR UHF cb 477mhz and can do 70cm and 2m bands also.

Any interest PM me or make a post.

You got a radio shop running over there?  Sign10

OK, I'll have a 2KW booster, 1x 3 element beam, 7 pairs of lead undies (for each day per week) and a 100 meter tower.


For sale.
1 BLOODY HUGE generator to power a 2 kilowatt UHF afterburner

Apply to Caterpillar, ask for a D9 to move it as well.

Confused2 Tears Cya


Hahahaha      Tears
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High tension wires are only 50 meters away.

For Sale:

250 Metres of 11KV 3 phase wiring.

Just enough to bung in a loop under the high tension lines.

Weighs a dunny load so youll still need that Cat D9

Tears Smoking