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Full Version: Project: Raspberry Pi Zero (non wifi)
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I must be the last guy to get one. (takes me a long time to save up $8.00 Blush )

Raspberry Pi Zero (not the wi-fi model)
1ghz CPU
512mb RAM
HDMI output
Micro SD card
Runs off only a pissy 5v, at 1 amp.
(larger versions use 5v 2+ amps)
OS: Raspbian Stretch

[Image: pi-1.jpg]
New $8 computer ... drum roll ... delivered in an envelope.

[Image: pi-02.jpg]
Gotta be careful of static electricity and bon jovi goblins, so a new home is needed.
Plan A: Kicked a stick of old DDR2 ram out of it's case.

[Image: pi-03.jpg]
Nah, yuck, looks crap like that.

[Image: pi-04.jpg]
Plan B: Just tuck it and the USB hub into an old compact camera case.

[Image: pi-05.jpg]
That will do until I can afford a Tic-Tac box (they supposedly fit in there)

[Image: pi-06.jpg]
Little TV DaVo gave me a few years back is now HDMI mated with the Raspberry Pi
to give the shed it's own computer station again. (Been 2 years since I had anything in the shed)

Boots in 55 seconds. (edit: 40 seconds)

Hahaha, even plays Youtube in the default web browser.

An older Pi v2.0 I bought about 5 years ago for $50 wouldn't play Youtube at all.

My security cameras run on it fine. (real fast in the old Midori browser)

I just installed the lite weight email client called 'Claws' and VLC player as well.

All ready to boggie .. for $8

[Image: pi-07.jpg]
I don't now what blows my mind more ... the size of the Raspberry Pi Zero,
or the size of the SD card hard drive that the free whole operating system is running off of.

That's some alien technology right there. Cool

I'm hooked .. now I want it's quad core big brother .. but that's AU$55