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Full Version: Bush repeaters
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been hangin out in the bush with  :russell: -  did I miss anything ? Phone

growing my bush community out there - I need to make a repeater on top of the hill
to allow comms between gullys for safety and security purposes -
just in case of fire, flood or in the unlikely event of an outbreak of   :dimmockturd:

reckon it can be done with 2 baofengs linked together ?

would need 2 leads with 3.5mm plug at one end and 2.5mm plug at the other
and cross em over as they plug in ?   Dontknow

2 battery eliminators, solar panel, 12v battery and cig lighter sockets
with each radio wearing the $4 magnetic wire twanger antenna.....

Transmit on 1watt so no one gets upset with it - beautiful....   Aus_flag

Seem Gay'o'fang have a cheap interface.  :russell:

$16 for the device..
$18 for two (2) cheaper programmable 16ch gay'o'fags  :russell:
Desk_mic  this might be even cheaper and easier than I thought

just need some sort of pole or mast to put it all on - I want it up pretty high
and then work out what channel to use
I was going to use 47/77 with DCS code to keep it free from  :dimmock: :vasfag: :burka:
but then I wont be able to use it on my new electrafone in the mitsubishi wanker
you got the  Davodick already?
nah not yet - I will give him a call tomorrow arvo

my bush vehicle  4x4  only has 40ch GME in it anyway

I think I will set it all up on channel  Confusedeven:
GCCB disclaimer.

Those gay'o'fag radios are illegal, and so is setting up a repeater without all the ACMA goings on.

Having said that, the aerials need to be spaced well apart, and the radios should be shielded from each other as much as possible.

(I nicked the diagrams from that ebay advert)
thanks  Munky2

now the gayo BF888 only goes up to 470mhz  Crybaby2
meaning I cant use it for 476.575 or 477.325

found battery eliminators for em tho....
Hows your welding skills c00ter ?  wanna earn 50c ??

I need to build a mast for this set-up - like a triangle shape about 10ft tall
Just like a windmill stand - anyone know where I can get a pre-loved windmill stand ?

Needs to be strong enough to hold car battery, solar panel and some tiny wire antennas....
It must be christmas   Icon_santa

My battery eliminators arrived too - great for only $3.15 each.....

Now I have everything I need for my pirate set up - just need the mast
I probably need it to be more like 20ft tall, making transportation an issue.... Help
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