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Full Version: Baofeng UV-82 - Australian UHF CB 80 Channels
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[Image: baofeng_UV82_IMG_ad.jpg]

Australian UHF CB 80 Channels for the UV-82 (includes all 16 repeater channels)

Import our custom Baofeng DAT file (or included CHIRP CVS file) and you're done.

The custom radio files (only 3kb) are $3.99 on my main site store.


- Channels are set as narrow band and high power.

- These radios don't have a dedicated duplex (aka RPT) on-off button, hence the extra 16

channels with duplex enabled. Other online versions don't have the extra 16 channels included which means you can't easily use UNUSED repeater channels (ACMA are OK with that) in your area for SIMPLEX (radio to radio) only use.