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Full Version: Photography, what's ya got?
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Photography, what's ya got?

I've only ever had cheap compact digital cameras the last two years.

First one was a Samsung 12mp, 4x optical zoom. I forget the model.
New from officewanks at the time. Developed a red pixel in the
middle of the screen. It was good as the video format was .avi
and all my pirate editing software only import that format at the time.
Took it back got a refund.

Brother bought an Olympus compact, 10mp, 5x zoom. I kinda borrowed it a fair bit.
Bugger took it back.

Then some cheap plastic twin AA compact Fujitsu off Gumtree for $25
AA batteries pissed me off, and red in video mode looked all pink.
Fucked it off to some gumtree kiwi dumb ass for what I paid for it.

About 5 months ago I found a $25 Panasonic Lumix DMZ-TZ10. ($700 new)

12.1mp, 12x optical zoom 63x digital. HD 1080x720 video recording

First time I held a compact that was actually heavy and felt solid with its metal frame and skins. I fell in love. But it had a few small speck of duct on the internal lens. Put up with it for a few months. Then I tried to clean it. All went well until on reassemble I cracked the small IR lens (no parts online) that sits right on top of the digital senor. Fark, almost cried.

Stay calm cooter, a broken one for parts might come along.

Last week $20 a TZ-18 16x optical (64x digital) zoom, three batteries and spare changer on gumtree .. cool, parts.
Nah, the IR lens is bigger. Farrrk.
All good, after some stuffing around, it turns out the TZ18 shits on the TZ10

I'm a sucker for a smaller cameras that fit in a shirt pockek - cheaper than $50 and zoom out 1.1 km Ok to spy on buggers hanging smelly  :dimmockturd: over on the spit.


Old shit cameras, but zoom wise they still piss on the latest iPhones etc most people only carry around.
Yes indeed. it is pretty amazing what you can get in a compact digital camera these days.

I picked up a Canon SX100IS at a hamfest ages ago as a backup camera.

Its a little beauty, paid $25 for it.

I use it when I'm too lazy to change lenses on my men's or "proper" camera  Tears

The Panasonic Lumix series tend to get good reviews and have I think lenses by Leica, not quite up there with my Pentax lenses  :laughing7:

Udemy have some excellent online courses, I am doing a couple right now, they are often on special for $15 to $18 each.


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