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Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing

check out my fully sick custom whipper snipper.............. Confusedeven:

swapped the shaft, throttle assembly and front cover

loaded the cutter head, regapped the plug, a few tweaks on the carby

now she purrs like a     :dimmock:

once I got it running nice it got a bit dark for a test cut but I reckon it should be good

for cutting    :dimmockball:  fields or somewhere for your dog to    :dimmockturd:

Im not sure I will be swapping it all over again to chop lantana c00ter - Il use the chainsaw
so if you want the bent shaft and blade cutter let me know     Icon_thumleft

Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing Mowing
Good stuff. I'm slow at getting stuff, but when I do it's usually OK

Ya grease the head?

yep lubed the head  Davodick

now that its been running i might try shove some more grease in there - was pretty dry...

still no test  Mowing  but i reckon it will make its debut on my lawn tomorrow arvo    :laughing7:
it wouldnt rev to start with - good up till half throttle then nothing as if it was running out of fuel

needed more juice at high rpm as the string cutter is bigger putting more load on the engine

ahh revvs beautiful now  Blonde

cant wait to get her in the bush.............  :russell:
(03-08-2017, 08:27 PM)number7 link Wrote:cant wait to get her in the bush.............   :russell:

But :dimmock: will get jealous if you take another lover.

LOL, hey  :dimmock: you stalker freak, I'm going on a date with a real  Blonde tomorrow.

Enjoy ya mate :vasfag: instead.
is this the gold coast  Mowing  service and repair hotline ? Phone

what should I do if my shaft is getting hot? -
I think it needs more lube   Davodick
After fighting with my shitty  Banned_commies  wipper snipper yesterday to  Mowing
I have ordered my new carby for the stihl FS custom.

At $9.81 I think I paid too much - it also suits FS38 - mine is FS36 so lets hope it fits.....
However I have worked out how to use my  Banned_commies machine
I wont rev and needs special tool to adjust mixture screws
but if I pull the choke on I can rev it up to max rpm, release the choke and it goes great  Thumbsup
Eeerrr, sorry I had ADHD (all day hangover disorder) yesterday (didn't go to bed until 6am) and will drop the tool over this arvo.

Debilos-1 $9.89? shit
no problem - now that I have worked out how to use it I dont need to adjust it