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Full Version: Which UHF CB antennas?
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standby standby its simplex time       Confusedeven:

Im hoping this one will do the job      Aus_flag

It has the best truck picture on the ad.......
Same brand and DB as the one I have.

Mine's a 6 foot pole mounted (no base coil) one though.

For the price that ebay one should boom with your GME

This is the one I have been using hooked up to my gao

Works pretty good for $6
Did yours come with the "magnet sucker" as well?  Confusedeven:  Tears

Check Gumtree, there is one on there right now.

Grandpa Wood_chop

You could always try building a collinear coax antenna, bung it in a length of old conduit seal it with silicone and she's good to go.

Ive built a few, they work well.

Grandpa Wood_chop

Oh and in that article where it goes on about such and such torroids, just rip a couple out of an old switching PSU like an old computer one, they'll work fine.
yer magnetic base on the little $6 twanga but no base on the new one - I will have to build something to hold it up

My current antenna is ok, my problem is in the coax or connections but I cant work out why - should all be ok

So a pre-made, pre-tuned set up is going to be the easiest way to make sure I have good connections

and with 5m of coax I should be able to get it nice and high (not the  Smoking  kind) and should work ok
No worries there  Confusedeven:

Get yourself set up and working first, then you can experiment and make stuff later.

Grandpa Wood_chop
I just updated the old Moxon page with some close up's of how the coax joins. (aka terminates)

I'm gonna dig out my old Moxon later and add some plastic cutting board strips
and such to harden my wobbly one up.

The vertical you're getting Confusedeven: will still be better as they are 360 degree's (good for simplex)
where as the Moxon's are slightly directional.

Here is the base I made out of a bolt and some tape - looks beautiful doesnt it.... Bass

Seems it does work after all but I want to get it a bit higher when I can be bothered
Bloody hell, that home made thing look whacked out.  Confused2

eBay is cheaper, but it even Supercheap have the proper thing.
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