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             Iroc                     4x4                     Iroc                Dukes


economical 4cyl 1.5L automatic with cold air conditioning

just been serviced with new timing belt and water pump

good stereo and alloy wheels

has current safety certificate (rwc) so its ready for rego

$1150ono                   Bike

MUST SELL!! MAKE AN OFFER!!!!!           Blob8
You got a Ford that passed a RWC?  Debilos-1

Good price, but it's no Bubble  Sign10

Paint and panels straight? Good interior?

If so, it would sell quick on Gumtree.

I'd list it as RWC etc with 6 months for $1500 o.n.o

I paid $250 for my gumtree Bubble
$970 on-road - what a luxury motor vehicle.

Yer its not really a Ford it more of a Mazda/Kia but its pretty good car

Panels and interior are good and clean - paint is good except for bonnet and roof where a lot of the clear coat has come off
very common on Festiva and indeed most metallic cars after a few years in the queensland sun

its on Gumtree - iv had some interest but a lot less than I thought I would  Confused2
few years ago a cheap 4cyl auto with air con would sell quick - maybe this one is just a bit too old for even the poorest/most savvy of motorists              Iroc

whats with the roadworkers on this late at nite????? Debilos-1

4x4 4x4 Iroc Dukes

sorry to all that missed out - this vehicle has been SOLD!!!!

              :mumum: :mumum: :mumum:
Sold already  Debilos-1

There's a little red one with RWC for only $850 as well ..

Although I'd go for the later model $400 green one with no RWC and offer $250 cash...

Get it on road with RWC and 6 months for $700 or $800, and flip it for $1300

Fords, cheap as chips and just as soggy  Toothy12
Iroc Iroc Iroc Iroc Iroc Iroc Iroc

2016 BMW M6 GT3

This vehicle is in very good condition, has just been rebuilt after Russell Ingall crashed it at the dipper earlier this month

It is sure to be reliable as it has very low ks and has only been driven on weekends

Powered by a 4.4 litre Twin Turbo V8 engine and featuring a custom carbon fibre body it is built to suit city driving, race track and long distance cruising with ease

The M6 comes with power steering as standard, air conditioning is not available, however drivers cool suit is an optional extra

This vehicle is unregistered (unless you have a CAMS licence) and is not roadworthy, due to all 4 bald fat tyres and shortened exhaust system (im sure you can get a dodgy somewhere)

All the seats have been removed leaving heaps of room for your shopping, or to shove all the kids in to do the school run (the roll cage doesnt take up much room)

At only $750,000 (and with a great race number    Icon_thumleft) its priced to sell and guaranteed to excite even the most modest of drivers

(02-22-2017, 08:57 PM)number7 link Wrote:At only $750,000...

What a bargain. OK, hang on while I write you a rubber cheque.

Im not sure it is quite as luxurious as the bubble - slightly worse fuel economy too

I dont think you would want it  Duckie
hey c00ter......
thinking about buying another pajero to take to the bush  :russell:
same colour as my old 1 with slightly less smoke on acceleration....  Tears

he wants too much for it but it comes with GME electrafone and antenna base
possibly also an antenna

what do you reckon ???  can I book another uber c00ter cab for early next week ?
tilt tray busted?

how far away is the poojerry'o?

so many questions and yet not enough  :dimmockball: ta kick.

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