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Full Version: Toenail polisher upgrade
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You may remember the cordless polisher I bought from the  Banned_commies some time ago
Seemed like a good idea at the time - I was hoping to polish cars with it
but it was only ever good enough to keep my toenails smooth and shiny Confused2
Then the battery failed (after only a few charge cycles) so I threw it in the corner and got refunded.

Yesterday I really needed shiny nails so I decided to get the machine out and try it again.
I hoped I could run it wired directly to the charger but it didnt work - not enough amps...

My new design is much better - it spins a bit fast but its now good enough to polish
:dimmock:       Blonde    and my toenails without the battery going flat   Icon_thumright

[Image: 24zzx2p.jpg]

[attachment deleted by admin]
hey  Munky2
when you drag ur hairy arse out of bed could you help with the previous post?
the attachment wont work - same pic I sent you last night via mms
I took another shot that is smaller but still wont show up here
what a relief, i though yellow toe nails where going to be in the pic

bit of a monkey wiring job there  Munky2
Tears  you should see the inside.....

Im not sure how long the 4v electric motor will last now its getting a solid 12v  Dontknow

So im looking for a 12v battery with a dead cell (-2.2v) making about 10v power source might slow it down
or some sort of voltage resistor in the wiring...  Walk
(04-25-2018, 04:15 PM)number7 link Wrote:4v electric motor.....its getting a solid 12v

4 into 12?  Debilos-1 keep the bearing-bushes lubed real goodly.

all that fucking around just to buff fungus off your feet?

soak 'em in warm salty water for 15 minutes, then run around the block ... all the fungus will fling off onto the neighbors front yard and three legged pregnant cat.


[Image: 33zfy2t.jpg]

Tears  can you see the problem?   Tears

I already threw this in the rubbish today but thought I would try open it up for a look

***BEWARE!!!***    Director

a simple twist of the cable could lead to deadly circumstances...

Why   Banned_commies  why???

[Image: orjq6t.jpg]
deadly? the three hair thickness wires were so thin they'd melt before catching on fire. Debilos-1

just re wire with some man sized wire, and glue the plate back on...

... or did you butcher it when taking it off?  :russell:
nah it came off ok but will need to be glued back on
I think when I untwist the wires it will still work -
they didnt get that hot due to tiny current draw even with a dead short    Confused2
Looks like only a 3 pin transistor on that circuit board.
It (the trannie) showed 8v on the 15v drill battery I used to test them, so is about right and working for a 7.2v gayogag.

I'd remove the curly cords on both and soldier in some new thicker wire that will handle the PTT drain amps better and not twist in the case.

Heat sink on the transistors would be good as well but I don't think there's much room in the case for anything but some alloy foil (wrapped length ways) around  the black square part of the trannie.

I just made love to a Chicken
cooter you dumb human, the silver square box in the pics is the heat sink  Munky2

some small drill holes on the outside to allow some air flow would be an idea.

i is monkey.
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