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Full Version: DIY Solar Control Box
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Been looking around for a store bought switch box to replace me home made
'Solar Thang v1.0' switch panel, but couldn't find anything cheap enough...

[Image: switch_box_000.jpg]

So I gots ta thinking about a v2.0... had one of these 5.25" external dvd hard drive caddies with rooted inner bits...

[Image: switch_box_00.jpg]

Trip to Jaycar founds me a pre-wired marine switch (CAT. NO. SZ1900) for $20, and a 12v to 5v USB dash mount
kit (CAT. NO. PS2016) for $10...

[Image: switch_box_01.jpg]

Snuck a 12v cigarette lighter socket into the end -- it was too long to place next to the USB  Sad5

[Image: switch_box_02.jpg]

Wished there was a wee bit more room for one of those tiny $5 Jaycar multimeters (CAT. NO. QM1502) that
run off one 12v battery. I would have hard wired and mounted that inside with the volts reading on full time.

Ow well, in v3.0 maybe.  Book1

Come on Chopper, we gotta get ya panel and bits going - screw paying $$ for light bills  Smoking
Wow, that's pretty damn impressive what you've created there.

Gives me a kick up the bum to dust off my solar panels and crap.

I've acquired 2 12 volt car batteries now as well, they've been desulfating for weeks now, I'm hoping they live again to serve me and my evil army, no wait that's a different plan...

first Ive got to locate my goodies pile of solar things... damn memory is busted.  Debilos-1

Grandpa Wood_chop
Cheers Chopper  Wood_chop

I was going to get one of these $56..

[Image: %24_3.JPG]

But it has no 12v cigertte lighter outlet.

I've still got your desulfating do-dab here. I havent used it since bitting the bullet and getting a second hand deep cycle 100aH battery.

I'm getting keen for a bigger panel soon. 40 watts is OK for the shed lights, but the bug has bitten and I'm gonna get another 100aH and at least a 100 watt panel soon I thinks. Some sucker on the Coast will buy me 40 watt for $50 (I paid $59)

Never know when Joh's sperm gets back in and turns shit off again..get prepared  Grandpa

Old Joh
no wukkas, we can always pull the cig lighter socket out of that car your dad has there in the yard  Debilos-1

Easy enough to wire it into your creation.

That Old Joh clip reminds me of yet another have done project I must finish, I have to digitise these old VHS tapes lying around, everything from porn to nerd porn and beyond is on them  Sign10

Ill have to gather together all your goodies, finish fixing "Gennie" and drop over sometime.

Been slack lately...

Grandpa Wood_chop
(12-05-2013, 08:47 PM)Thunderbird link Wrote: [ -> ]Easy enough to wire it into your creation.

All ready done. Photo showing the end view has it at the bottom in the former fan vent  Smoking

Gates always open. I've been slack as well.  Wave